Semantic Network Technologies


In the picture below you can see that a semantic network based system (SNBS) is build in a classical n-tier structure. No miracles. Semantic Network based System Architecture

One important aspect in the configuration of the system is related to a separation of concerns. Through the whole system - from storage to applications - there are three levels of data models. Each backend can have it's own physical data model. The Backend Object (BO in the picture) is responsible for the transformation of the physical model to the conceptual data model as described in the chapter Network structure. Next each service or application is allowed to have its own data model(s) when needed. They are themselves responsible for the transformation of the conceptual model into their specific usage models. In particular for legacy systems the Backend Objects have also a mapping function where the semantics of the source are mapped to the semantics to be used in the conceptual data model.

On a proof of concept basis several Semantic Network Engines (SNE) can be connected to form one distributed network.

The system is developed in Java and runs under Tomcat. MySql is used as a storage mechanism together with Lucene for indexing the network. It is possible to use several databases as storage mechanisms at the same time, including legacy systems.

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Last modified: 2013-06-30